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This page is devoted to a special friend of mine with Multiple Sclerosis.  (aka) Sabrina a special friend is a 28 year old single mother who just this year was found to have Multiple Sclerosis.  Sabrina lives in the state of Minnesota.

Sabrina was until time of diagnosis a Medical Receptionist at a Pediatric Clinic.  Sabrina has since had to leave her job due to her illness.

Sabrina has built and devoted a web site to this terrible disease, it is a very well built site and really deserves visits from professionals in our line of work.  I would hope all of the EMS professionals could show Sabrina some special support and visit her site on Multiple Sclerosis.

Please be kind and sign Sabrina's Guest Book.  Sabrina also has a Chat Room.  You can usually find her there or page her via ICQ.  I urge all to visit her site and show her we really care.

Click on the SABRINA'S logo below to visit her site, and please sign her Guest Book while you are there.  It would really mean a alot to her.