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This page will provide some topics of training for download. These topics are of mutiple files therefore we have included them as download only due to size requirements.  You must have a means of unzipping these files as they are in the zipped format.  Many good training files can be found here!  Any comments or suggestions should be E-Mailed to us.  Hopefully you can find what you need on this page, keep checking back as more downloads will be added!!

Click on the EMS Star of the topic you wish to download.  We suggest you save these files on disk.  Please remember, all of these files are in the zipped format.

Need a way to unzip these files? Click the Below Logo

The Airway
Brain Trivia Games
Common Emergencies and Treatments
Drug Calculations
ACLS Trivia
Myocardial Infacrtion
Medical Terminology
Emergency Scenarios's
Study Guide All Levels
Chest Pain Demo

Check back soon for updates. We will be updating this page on a continual basis. E-Mail us with any downloads you would like placed on this page.