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The Human Brain

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This page consist of online training for EMS personnel.  The subject of training is "The Brain".  To see more training topics,  Click Here!

The human brain has three main components, the cerebrum (which consists of the left and right cerebral hemispheres), the cerebellum, and the brain stem. The cerebral hemispheres of the brain make up the largest part of your brain. The cerebellum is the structure located behind the brain stem, and the brain stem is the lowest section of the brain and is connected to the spinal cord. Following will be a diagram with a chart of the brain and it's functions.

A Diagram of the Brain

A diagram of the brain

Areas of the Brain Affected by Stroke

The most common site of a stroke is the region of the brain supplied by the middle cerebral artery.   Problems with speech and language skills may occur when the left middle cerebral artery becomes blocked,  speech is usually not affected when the right middle cerebral artery is blocked.

Region of the Cerebrum Damaged by Stroke
Signs and Symptoms
Wernicke's area (central language area) Difficulty speaking understandably and comprehending speech; confusion between left and right; difficulty reading, writing, naming objects, and calculating.
Broca's area (speech)Difficulty speaking and sometimes writing
Parietal lobe on left side of the brainLoss of coordination of the right arm and leg
Facial and limb areas of the motor cortex on the left side of the brainParalysis of the right arm and leg, also the right side of the face
Facial and arm areas of the sensory cortexAbsence of sensation in the right arm and the right side of the face
Optic radiationLoss of the right half of the visual field of both eyes

Another Good Diagram

The Human Brain

This is just a basic overview of the human brain and how it is affected by CVA.  To gain more knowledge in this area, follow the below links, you will find a wide aray of areas about the human brain.  Your suggestions/comments are welcome, click on our E-mail above to drop us a line.

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The whole brain

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