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Welcome to the third and final page of our EMS online bookstore. As with our other books, simply click on the topic or the bookcover to obtain all needed information pertaining to the book. Please be sure you check back soon as more books will be added to our store. If you don't find your book within our pages, use the below search engine to locate your book. We thank you for your time in browsing our bookstore. Please feel free to click on our email below and send us a message should have any questions or comments.

Prehospital Care Administration: Issues, Readings, Cases

Prehospital Emergency Care

Prehospital Emergency Care Secrets: Questions you will be Asked- - At the Scene, in the ER, on Oral Exams

Quality Management in Prehospital Care

Quick Reference Triage

Responding to the Mass Casualty Incident: A Guide for EMS Personnel

State Emergency Medical Services Facilities and Regulatory Control

Sudden Cardiac Death in the Community

Systems Approach to Emergency Medical Care

Your First Response in Emergency Care

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Talking Trauma: Paramedics and Their Stories


Paramedic Guide to Coronary Care

Prehospital Emergency Care: A Guide for Paramedics (Clinical Handbook)

Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic

Emergency Dispatching: Medical Communicators Guide

Emergency Squad Volunteers: Professionalism in Unpaid Work

The First Minutes: What to Do Until the Ambulance Arrives

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